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During the history of Rynart quality has always been a topic with priority focus. We believe that by consistently monitoring the details within our organization, the quality of procedures can be maintained and is noticeable by our partners.

Historically Rynart is a quality driven organization implementing high standard quality management systems to demonstrate our ability to consistently provide services that meet requirements and to enhance customer satisfaction. Nowadays our strong commitment to ISO 9001:2000 ensures that quality is maintained throughout the whole organization. Systems in place, modern facilities and fleet, stringent and consistent employee training program, in- house developed tailor- made ICT solutions and guaranteed KPI level development enable us to be a synonym for Quality. Our unique customer service & account management structure is focused on realizing high added value in logistics by forming close and long-term partnerships with our customers.

Security & Safety

As logistical service provider, we are responsible for safekeeping of clients’ shipments. Top-security measures protect the goods during transport and in storage. All our shipments are comprehensively insured. To safeguard against theft or damage by theft during transit, safety devices (BV3) are fitted into the trucks. During storage c.c.tv (closed circuit television) security systems, smoke and motion detector systems in combination with specially trained guards, safeguards clients’ and our interests.

Our total fleet complies with the latest EURO-3 emissions norms due to the fact that the average age of the fleet is less than 1 year. Vehicles are replaced every 4 years, this to maintain fleet reliability and also to limit the pollution and excessive consumption of harmful fluids such as fuel and oils, that is seen in aging vehicles.